Julie and Hank the lucky ones!

Julie and Hank, our most lovely couple gave me the honor to plan the most important day in their life. They chose the ever romantic and paradise island of Ibiza for the biggest day of their life, and I intended to make this day as special and unique for them to the best of my services. Let me tell you this that Julie looked exquisite in her majestic white gown; she was nothing less than an angel. Hank himself looked nothing less than a James Bond in his black tux. It was an enjoyable experience for me working with this gorgeous couple.

julie and hank

The Ibiza Wedding

Before starting with the wedding let me tell you about the magical Ibiza Island which is nothing less than the paradise itself with its majestic beaches, clear skies, beautiful coves and Pine Hills. The air is warm, and the sun serves the most romantic drop scene in the background. No one comes to Ibiza and leaves without being enchanted by its beauty. Most of the marriages are celebrated on the beaches or either at the historic ancient Ibiza churches; some even get married by the pool. The point is you can get a great variety of locations to select from for your wedding, and we will make sure to make it a cherished memory that you will be sharing with your grandkids.

I along with Julie and Hank selected El Mandarino for the grand reception because of it quiet and spectacular view so that it will make an unforgettable experience for them. I made sure that the bride and groom along with their guests get a cherished experience of the style and beauty of Ibiza.

julie and hank

The wedding was planned according to their budget and everything from the reception site to photographers; band members were all present and aware of their respective duties. I am very thankful to my team as they made sure everything works out perfectly for these two. I had specially arranged a limousine for their grand exit. As some of their friends were arriving for the wedding, I had organized special welcome baskets for them along with their name tags and some souvenirs from Ibiza Island.

Before the grand day, just to make sure that everything will go as planned we all rehearsed the whole ceremony so that everyone from the best man to the maid of honor knows their role and position. A complete copy of all the events and activities of the day were handed out to everyone during the rehearsal so that there would be no confusion. I also made sure that all the guests were properly escorted into the ceremony at El Mandarino.

On the wedding day, I arrived early at El Mandarino so that I can supervise all vendor set-up and see that everything was as planned. For cake and catering services I managed to get hold of one of Ibiza’s most experienced catering services, and they made sure that high standard services were provided, they also helped me in arranging a mini bar for the guests. The mini bar and our DJ band kept our guests entertained along with the bride and the groom.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was arranged on the beach and a reception one of the best halls in Ibiza later at night. The blue waves with bright, vast sky and serene atmosphere provided an out of world aura for the ceremony. We made sure that everyone received the well-deserved attention so that no one felt out of place. For giving the event a unique touch, I tried to give it a vintage touch with shabby chic décor like starfish, seashells, bottles, etc.. For keeping the beverages cold I had arranged canoes filled with ice so that the drinks would stay cold and chilled. For sitting arrangments I had opted for clear ghost chairs covered by white and sky blue linen covers and let me tell you it went so well with the whole setting; the way the sunlight felt on the entire décor offered an extra touch to the overall environment.The aisle was decorated with blue roses which means real love and white lavender that stands for everlasting love. It looked majestic when the bride was walking down the aisle towards her groom. The main point was that the wedding should be unique and out of the ordinary ceremony. And to further go out of the box I had arranged sky lanterns meant to bring good luck for the couple.

The end of the most beautiful day

Cars were arranged for the guests as well to reach the hall for the dinner party. The night party was also kept outdoors. There is something unique about getting married under the open sky. As the nights goes on you, feel positive vibes in the air that draw you towards your inner self and with the music band playing your favorite songs you cannot help yourself but dance to its beats. Although the whole day was hectic for me, however, seeing everyone happy and especially Julie and Hank made all my tiresome go away. To end the ceremony with a positive note and good wishes to the bride and groom we lit the lanterns and let them flow through the air. The atmosphere was serene The VENUE outstanding, and the guests along with the bride and groom left us satisfied which honestly is what matters by the end of the day.