About us at Tailored Weddings

We started this venture after having gone through marriages as well and facing the lack of professional and dedicated assistance when it comes to organizing the big day. When you are getting married it is sometimes not very clear on how much work there really is to do, especially for larger weddings of 150 people or more. We found out the hard way and probably were a little too tired to fully enjoy our big days...

In order for others not to have to go through the same issues and make sure that other people do have the possibility to have someone properly organize the event exactly as they wish. There are literally a million things to keep in mind for just that one day, or rather couple of hours of fame and fortune that is your wedding. Immagine if you have decided to have your wedding abroad and need to bring everyone over to your destination. Think of the logistics, we don't mean the flight, no we are talking about actually getting from the hotel to the venue. What if not everyone can stay at the same hotel? What if someone is late? Who will make sure the tables are prepared while I'm at the chapel saying YES to my loved one? The list is endless when it comes to the big day and this can be extremely stressful on you and your partner.

Let your life long commitment start with all the lovely positive vibes so it can flourish forever. Don't let the organization of your wedding be a negative influence on your state of mind and that of your loved one. Stop worrying and hire the best there is in planning your wedding, done by the best wedding planners in the country